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Through our years of experience, we have formed special relationships with our customers. Rather than merely “a vendor,” they view us as counsel and seek our expertise on any type of security challenge they may face. Call us to review your business operation and determine what ESG services may benefit you.

  • Card Access and Badge Systems

    By monitoring and restricting entry, you do more than protect your valuable assets and sensitive areas from theft and damage, you can actually increase safety, efficiency and profitability. Our systems will ensure that access to your facility, inventory and valuable assets will be available to only those with the proper authorization. You will also increase employee and customer safety while improving performance and accountability.

  • Video Systems and Surveillance

    Our digital video systems will provide you with the very latest technology to monitor and provide security for your business. Video surveillance can protect your employees, customers and assets, as well as control shrinkage and even lower insurance costs. Whether you install a single camera over your front door or dozens throughout your facility, ESG can help you meet your surveillance challenge..

  • Building Security Systems

    Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Justice, businesses without security systems are four times more likely to get burglarized? Security systems not only protect loss of property, but can also be integrated into you access control and video systems providing you a seamless approach to securing you business and assets.

  • Gate and Controllers

    Gate systems can control access to your parking areas and restrict those who are not authorized to be there. Gate systems also provide protection from criminals who might park in your lot and wait for nighttime to wreak havoc. Connecting your gate systems to your access control and video systems can provide you with a means to control and track all those who are allowed access.

  • Intercom Systems

    Intercom systems are another layer of security for employee and customer protection. By placing intercoms between your entrance doors and your employee, you can control the entry of unwanted visitors. Intercoms can also be linked to your access control system to release a door or gate controller by simply pushing a button.

  • Networking and Telecommunications Systems

    ESG can install your entire computer network and phone systems. We partner with the latest technology providers to ensure that your computer network and phone systems provide you with the means to run your business efficiently and effectively.